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Make a Difference – Challenge for Safety

Our 2022 theme is ‘Challenge for Safety’.

  • Seen or heard something that doesn’t look or feel right?
  • Feel that a decision made is not in the interest of safety?
  • Is someone (or indeed yourself) not hearing?
  • Is something worrying you?

… then Challenge for Safety!

Commit to calling out bad practices or worrying behaviour.  Voice your concerns, write an email or a letter explaining why you feel uncomfortable. You could even say “did you know it’s National Social Housing Safety Week this week and I want to mention a concern I have been worrying about…..”

What will you Challenge?

Feature on the Challenge for Safety Wall

National Social Housing Safety and Compliance Week is an annual event, dedicated to shining a spotlight on safety and compliance at an operational, strategic, and cultural level. It also supports Dame Judith Hackitt’s calls for the sector to act faster and address safety cultural issues in the sector.

It’s clear that the will and vision for change exist: in the five years since the Grenfell disaster, the sector has made progress.

However, transformational change is needed to make this vision a reality.  This vital transformational change will take some time, but we passionately believe we must all take responsibility to avert potential disasters of the future by committing to small and large actions today and tomorrow.

For the safety of residents and support of safety and compliance professionals and their organisations, join us in challenging for safety to support 2022 National Social Housing Safety and Compliance Week.

Not only will you be paying tribute to those involved with or affected by the Grenfell tragedy, but you will help shape the future roadmap.

Together, we can help shift learning, leadership and culture around safety – to move beyond compliance.   This is our opportunity to start a national conversation about our shared goal: safer homes.

Demonstrate your support for Challenge for Safety!

 Take a look at this message from Grenfell United, recorded specifically for the inaugural launch of the National Social Housing Safety & Compliance Week in June 2021.