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Make a Difference – Make your Pledge!

National Social Housing Safety and Compliance Week is an annual event, dedicated to shining a spotlight on safety and compliance at an operational, strategic, and cultural level.

It’s clear that the will and vision for change exist: in the four years since the Grenfell disaster, the sector has made progress.

However, transformational change is needed to make this vision a reality.  This vital transformational change will take some time, but we passionately believe we must all take responsibility to avert potential disasters of the future by committing to small and large actions today and tomorrow.

For the safety of residents and support of safety and compliance professionals and their organisations, join us in making a pledge this National Social Housing Safety and Compliance Week.

Not only will you be paying tribute to those involved with or affected by the Grenfell tragedy, but you will help shape the future roadmap.

Together, we can help shift learning, leadership and culture around safety – to move beyond compliance.   This is our opportunity to start a national conversation about our shared goal: safer homes.

Our Manifesto

We have developed a powerful manifesto as a springboard for change.

We are committed to changing safety culture. To educate and facilitate for a safer future in social housing. By starting a national conversation, and listening carefully, we will be making our own pledges to support others in delivering their safety goals.


Your Pledges

I pledge to make this week a gamechanger.

Claire Heyes

CORGI Technical Services
To ensure competent installation & services for active fire systems by supporting the development of vocational qualifications & assessment via FESS

Andrew Eldred

Director of Employment and Skills
Individual pledges will be reflected in team role profiles & passports to work to help underpin our individual and organisational learning goals

Antony James

Maintenance and Compliance Manager
We will further develop our organisation's safety culture. Specifically encouraging our teams & our customers to feel comfortable in raising concerns.

Jessica-Lee Little

Health & Safety Advisor
I pledge to use relevant platforms, both internal and external, to encourage feedback and provide instruction and training where it’s needed most

Linzi Laugharne

Maintenance and Compliance Coordinator
We will ensure our homes meet residents needs, by continuing our uncompromising & sector-leading approach to ensure residents are safe in their homes

Ceri Doyle

Chief Executive
We pledge to help our customers & teams to understand why the safety & compliance work we do in homes, is critical to delivering safe homes

Antony James

Maintenance and Compliance Manager
I pledge to drive change and raise awareness to improve fire and electrical safety in everyone’s home

Mike Smith

Technical Director
I pledge to continue working with others to share best practice

Trevor Percy

Gas Safety & Compliance Manager - Landlord's Authorised Person
I pledge to keep our customers safe in their homes and buildings they use by maintaining and continuously improving safety standards

Neil Cox

Director of Homes
I pledge to keep our housing stock compliant and to communicate with all stakeholders about the importance of customer safety

Amber Welsh

Compliance Manager
I pledge to continue developing my own education in the Big 6 areas of compliance

Trevor Percy

Gas Safety & Compliance Manager - Landlord's Authorised Person
Going beyond compliance to establish a safer future for all our customers

Jo Martin

Head of Compliance Assurance


to plan


to understand


to be brave


to change