The Launch of Safety Week.

The inaugural National Social Housing Safety and Compliance Week took place in June 2021, setting in motion this ground breaking campaign dedicated to shining a spotlight on safety and compliance at an operational, strategic, and cultural level.

The theme was ‘Pledge for Safety’.

The week consisted of online events, a request for supporters to pledge for safety and a communication campaign that included the media and Government bodies.

Review the activities and output of inaugural Week, read the summary of presentations and the 7 key promises made by the ASCP to strive to overcome safety barriers in this Manifesto.

2021 Pledges

2021 Presentations

Gill Kernick Presentation

21 June 2021: Key reflections from the author of ‘Catastrophe and Systemic Change; Learnings from the Grenfell Tower Fire and other Disasters’.

Coaching Session

22 June 2021: A coaching session; Be Empowered to Make Safety Everyone’s Business, with professional coach Stephanie Smith.

Access session

23 June 2021: Forum: Compliance Access Best Practise Group. Facilitated by Claire Heyes, CEO, ASCP Group.

Compliance Session

24 June 2021: What Board Members Need to Know – compliance and the big 6 highlights. Contact us for information.