I pledge to make this week a gamechanger.

Claire Heyes

CORGI Technical Services
I pledge to ensure our learners are fully supported and enjoy studying with us

Chrissie Holmes

ASCP Training Services
I pledge to learn. To form a deeper understanding of what it means to have a culture of safety, and what changes we can make now for the future.

Kathryn Bartholomew

Business Operations Director
I pledge to keep our housing stock compliant to Code of Practice for the Management of Electrotechnical in Social Housing

Martin Simmonds

Senior Services Officer
I pledge to inform and assist those in social housing with matters of compliance so they can provide safer properties for their tenants

Trevor Batt

Technical Safety Manager
I pledge to keep our housing stock compliant to all codes of compliance to deliver & engage customers to have safe and secure homes

Noel Creaton

Group Manager
Promote public gas safety awareness to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning

Chris Jones

Technical Safety Manager
I pledge time every month to listen in to a selection of customer calls and offer feedback to contact centre staff to help increase learning.

Simon Whitton

Mechanical Manager
I pledge to share my Gas Safety Management knowledge with all who have a need for assistance.

Kevin Winship

Technical Safety Manager
We pledge to better understand the needs of the Women in Compliance Group

Women in Compliance

Membership Team
Connexus Homes Limited pledge to keep listening and involving our customers to ensure that all customers are safe and feel safe in their homes

Fleur Whittingham

Head of Health and Safety and Compliance
I pledge to with compassion, empathy and humility learn how to support change in housing and disrupt the status quo.

Gill Kernick

Master Consultant
We pledge to ensure all our customers feel safe in their homes through a continued commitment to delivering sector leading compliance services.

Kate Meredith

Head of Customer Safety